An Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is needed for deploying workloads into the customer’s cloud account. Cloudera recommend that the VPC used for CDP is configured with properties as specified in this topic.

  • The CIDR block for the VPC should be sufficiently large for supporting all the experiences you intend to run. Refer to Determining the CIDR Range for understanding how to compute the CIDR block range.
  • The VPC properties for DNS Hostnames and DNS resolution must be ENABLED. DNS resolution lets the pods resolve external host names and also to support DNS hostnames. The DNS Hostnames option needs to be enabled as several CDP experiences rely on EFS (see Mounting on Amazon EC2 with a DNS name). Enabling these properties is also a requirement (see Amazon EKS cluster endpoint access control) to enable private access of EKS cluster endpoints.
  • VPCs are associated with a DHCP Option Set. The DHCP option set for the VPCs must be set up as per the section described in DHCP Option Set.