Step 2) Deploy the Azure quick start template

The Azure quick start template is a customized ARM template that deploys essential Azure resources for the CDP environment.

  1. Click Deploy to Azure to begin ARM template deployment of CDP prerequisites in your Azure subscription.
  2. Log in to Azure to create the resources in your subscription that are required for CDP deployment. These resources include VNet, ADLS Gen2, and 4 user managed identities.
  3. On the Custom deployment screen, click Create new under the Resource group field and then give the resource group a name.
  4. Under Settings, provide an Environment Name in the corresponding field.

  5. Accept the terms and conditions, and click Purchase.
    An ARM script begins to run in the background, creating the resources required for a CDP environment. This may take around 10 minutes.
  6. When your resource group is up, navigate to the Overview page of the resource group.
  7. Copy and paste the following values into a note, as you will need them in the next task:
    • Subscription ID: Your subscription ID is found at the top of the resource group Overview page.
    • Resource group: The name of the resource group that you created.