Auto-converted Fair Scheduler properties

List of Fair Scheduler properties that are converted to Capacity Scheduler properties when you use the fs2cs conversion utility.

Table 1. Queue resource-quota related features
Property Description

Pre-created hierarchical queues.

The same queue hierarchy is achieved after conversion.


Weight: The steady fair share of a queue.

The queue.capacity property will be set with the same ratio.


Maximum AM share: Limits the fraction of the queue’s fair share that can be used to run application masters


Maximum running apps: Limits the number of apps from the queue to run at once

This is converted to yarn.scheduler.capacity.maximum-application/yarn.scheduler.capacity.<queue-path>.maximum-application which is not an equivalent property.


Maximum container allocation.: Maximum amount of resources a queue can allocate for a single container.


Scheduling policy of a queue (for example, how submitted applications are ordered over time).

It is converted with some limitations. For more information, see Fair Scheduler features and the conversion details.

<aclSubmitApps> <aclAdministerApps>

ACL settings: List of users and/or groups that can submit apps to the queue or can administer a queue.

Table 2. Global scheduling settings
Property Description

Allow undeclared pools.

Sets whether new queues can be created at application submission time.


Size based weight.

Whether to assign shares to individual apps based on their size, rather than providing an equal share to all apps regardless of size.


Queue max apps default: Sets the default running app limit for all queues.


Default max AM share: Sets the default AM resource limit for queue.


Locality threshold node: For applications that request containers on particular nodes, the number of scheduling opportunities since the last container assignment to wait before accepting a placement on another node.


Locality threshold rack: For applications that request containers on particular racks, the number of scheduling opportunities since the last container assignment to wait before accepting a placement on another rack.


Maximum assignments: If assignmultiple is true and dynamic.max.assign is false, the maximum amount of containers that can be assigned in one heartbeat.


Assign multiple: Whether to allow multiple container assignments in one heartbeat.

Table 3. Preemption
Property Description

Fair Scheduler preemption turned on.

After the conversion capacity Scheduler preemption is turned on by default using the default values.


Per-queue preemption disabled.

After the conversion the same queue preemption disabled by default.


Wait time before killing a container