Configure scheduler properties manually

Tune and configure Capacity Scheduler properties manually.

The features of Capacity Scheduler are not exactly the same as the features of Fair Scheduler. Hence, the conversion utility cannot convert every Fair Scheduler configuration into a Capacity Scheduler configuration. Therefore, you must manually tune the scheduler configurations to ensure that the resulting scheduling configuration fits your organization’s internal goals and SLAs after conversion. If needed, further change the scheduler properties in the capacity-scheduler.xml and yarn-site.xml output files generated by the fs2cs conversion utility. For information about the Fair Scheduler properties that are auto-converted by the fs2cs conversion utility, see Auto-Converted Fair Scheduler Properties.

You can configure the properties manually using the YARN Queue Manager UI. If you see a property that is unavailable in the Queue Manager UI, you can use Cloudera Manager Safety Valves to configure them. When using both the Queue Manager UI and Safety Valves, ensure that with Safety Valves you do not configure entries generated by the Queue Manager. Add only new key-value parts to Safety Valves.