Hive/Impala replication policy concepts

Hive/Impala replication enables you to copy (replicate) your Hive metastore and data from one cluster to another and synchronize the Hive metastore and data set on the destination cluster with the source, based on a specified replication policy.

Minimum Required Role: Replication Administrator (also provided by Full Administrator)

The destination cluster must be managed by the Cloudera Manager Server where the replication is being set up, and the source cluster can be managed by that same server or by a peer Cloudera Manager Server.

Configuration notes:
  • If the hadoop.proxyuser.hive.groups configuration has been changed to restrict access to the Hive Metastore Server to certain users or groups, the hdfs group or a group containing the hdfs user must also be included in the list of groups specified for Hive/Impala replication to work. This configuration can be specified either on the Hive service as an override, or in the core-site HDFS configuration. This applies to configuration settings on both the source and destination clusters.
  • If you configured on the target cluster for the directory where HDFS data is copied during Hive/Impala replication, the permissions that were copied during replication, are overwritten by the HDFS ACL synchronization and are not preserved.