Supported and Unsupported Replication Scenarios

This page provides information about the supported/unsupported replication scenarios.

Scenarios that are supported

Versions - To replicate data to or from clusters managed by Cloudera Manager 7.x, the source or destination cluster must be managed by Cloudera Manager 5.14+ or higher. Note that some functionality may not be available in Cloudera Manager 5.14.0 and higher or 6.0.0 and higher.

Kerberos - Replication Manager supports the following replication scenarios when Kerberos authentication is used on a cluster:
  • Secure source to a secure destination.
  • Insecure source to an insecure destination.
  • Insecure source to a secure destination. Keep the following requirements in mind:
    • In replication scenarios where a destination cluster has multiple source clusters, all the source clusters must either be secure or insecure. Replication Manager does not support replication from a mixture of secure and insecure source clusters.
    • The destination cluster must run Cloudera Manager 7.x or higher.
    • The source cluster must run a compatible Cloudera Manager version.
    • This replication scenario requires additional configuration.

Hive - Managed tables from the source, after the replication process is completed are translated as External tables.

Transport Layer Security (TLS)- You can use TLS with Replication Manager. Additionally, Replication Manager supports scenarios where TLS is enabled for non-Hadoop services (Hive/Impala) and TLS is disabled Hadoop services (such as HDFS,YARN, and MapReduce).

Cloud Storage - Replication Manager supports replicating to or from Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure ADLS Gen1, and Microsoft Azure ADLS Gen2 (ABFS).

Scenarios that are not supported

Versions - Replicating to or from Cloudera Manager 6 managed clusters with Cloudera Manager versions earlier than 5.14.0 are not supported.

Hive Replication- Replication Manager does not support Managed to Managed table replication. It translates the Managed table from the source clusters to the CDP Private Cloud Base cluster as an External table. Replication Manager stores the replicated table as an External table.

General - Replicating data from CDP Private Cloud Base to CDH clusters is not supported.

Kerberos - When Kerberos authentication is used on a cluster, replication from a secure source to an insecure destination is not supported.