Verify cluster requirements

Before you create a replication policy on your on-premises cluster, you must verify whether the cluster requirements are met.

Cluster requirements to create a replication policy in the Replication Manager include:
  • Registering the CDH on-premise cluster on the Management Console. For more information, see Add a CDH cluster.
  • Verifying whether the source cluster and target cluster meet the requirements as specified in the Support Matrix.
  • Verifying whether the following requirements are met for HDFS replication:
    • Ensuring that the Replication Manager service interacts with the classic cluster-registered Cloudera Manager instance.
    • Ensuring that an external account is available in the Cloudera Manager instance that has access to the bucket or container where the HDFS data is being copied to. For more information, see Role-based credential on AWS, App-based credential on Azure, and Cloudera Manager documentation.
  • Verifying whether the Replication Manager service interacts with the Data Lake Cloudera Manager instance and vice-versa for Hive replication.
  • Verifying whether the managed identity of source roles, Storage Blob Data Owner or Storage Blob Data Contributor, are assigned to the destination storage data container and vice versa for bidirectional replication in Microsoft Azure.