CDP Public Cloud

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) is a secure and governed cloud service platform that offers a broad set of enterprise data cloud services with the key data analytics and artificial intelligence functionality that enterprises require. CDP Public Cloud is a cloud form factor of CDP.

Addressing real-world business problems generally requires the application of multiple analytic functions working together on the same data; For example, autonomous vehicles require the application of both real-time data streaming and machine learning algorithms. CDP addresses this by offering multi-function data management and analytics that allow solving an enterprise’s most pressing data and analytic challenges in a streamlined fashion.

Hybrid and multi-cloud, CDP gives enterprises flexibility to operate with equivalent functionality on and off premises. Support for all major cloud providers helps you avoid vendor lock-in and allows you to take control over your enterprise’s data and future. Secure and compliant, CDP meets the strict data privacy, governance, data migration, and metadata management demands of large enterprises across all their environments.