Use cases

CDP Public Cloud services address multiple use cases, for example, registering existing CDH and HDP clusters; or spinning up Data Hub clusters and analyzing data in a cloud object store.

CDP Public Cloud services address the following use cases:

  • Register your existing CDH and HDP clusters in order to burst or migrate a workload to their public cloud environment by replicating the data and creating a Data Hub cluster to host the workload.

  • Spin up Data Hubs and then process and analyze your data in cloud object store by using applications such as Spark, Hive LLAP, Hue, and Impala.

  • Analyze queries and jobs for resource consumption and performance.

  • Control which users can access which resources by creating and managing authorization policies.

  • Use secure interfaces for all user-facing endpoints.

  • Import and deploy your data flow definitions efficiently, securely, and at scale.