Creating ADLS Gen2 storage account and containers

Create a resource group and then create a storage account and two containers within it. The storage account must have the hierarchical namespace enabled.

First, create a resource group that can act as a logical grouping of storage accounts. To create the resource group, follow the steps described in Create resource groups in Azure docs. Make sure to create it in the specific region that you would like to use for your environment.

Next, create an ADLS Gen2 storage account. In our example setup, the storage account name is my-datalake. To create the storage account, follow the Create an account using the Azure portal in Azure docs. In the Advanced > Data Lake Storage Gen2 section, make sure to Enable hierarchical namespace:

After creating an ADLS Gen 2 storage account, create two containers within it (one for Storage Location Base and another for Logs Location Base). You can also optionally create a third container for Backup Location Base.

To create a container, follow the usual steps:

  1. On Azure Portal, navigate to Storage Accounts > your newly created storage account > Containers > +Container.
  2. Provide a name for your container and click OK.

Repeat these steps to create all required containers. In our example setup, the containers are called storagefs, logsfs, and backupfs.

Once you have created the storage account and container, note the created resources in the following format:


For example, in our example setup, we created the following two containers: