CDP Control Plane regions

Every CDP account runs within a shared infrastructure called the CDP Control Plane. Historically, the CDP Control Plane and its services have been hosted in a single geographical region in the United States referred to as us-west-1.

Certain countries may have regulatory requirements that limit or forbid specific types of data from being sent or stored outside of the country or region where an organization operates. For this reason Cloudera has introduced new regions in which the Control Plane can run. By choosing a region other than us-west-1, you can ensure that sensitive metadata (such as information about CDP users) does not leave its region or country of origin.

During the CDP account creation process, your administrator will work with the account creation team to choose the appropriate Control Plane region to create your CDP account in. Your CDP account together with users, groups, and CDP resources like environments, Data Lakes, and Data Hubs are tied to the Control Plane region that they are created in. After account creation, there is no option to change the region in which the Control Plane and CDP account will run.

Regions us-west-1 eu-1

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Location United States Germany Australia
Year Opened 2019 2021 2021

As new Control Plane regions are added, not every CDP feature or Experience will be available in every region, though these features will eventually be supported for every region. Refer to the following support matrix to determine which CDP features are available within the region where your control plane resides:

Experience/Feature us-west-1 eu-1 ap-1
Data Hub Y Y Y
Cloudera Data Warehouse Y N N
Cloudera Machine Learning Y N N
Cloudera Data Engineering Y N N
Cloudera Operational Database Y N N
Cloudera DataFlow Y N N
Auditing Y Y Y
Metering Y Y Y
Data Catalog Y N N
Unified Diagnostics Y N N
Classic clusters Y N N
Replication Manager Y N N
Workload Manager Y N N

Though there are few visible differences in CDP depending on which control plane region you choose, it is important that you set up outbound network access correctly for the control plane region that you use. You should also take note that for different control plane regions, the endpoints will be different for the control plane API and UIs.

You can configure your CDP client to use a certain Control Plane region by default. For more information on this, see Configuring CDP client.