VPC network and subnet

When registering a GCP environment in CDP, you must provide an existing VPC network. CDP will not create a VPC network for you.

The VPC must fulfill the following requirements:

  • The VPC network must have one or more subnets in a single geographic region. All the subnets used for environment creation must be in the same geographic region.
  • Your VPC should reside in the same region as the buckets used for storage and logs. This allows you to avoid latency and additional data transfer costs.
  • A shared VPC can be used.
  • If you would like to use a shared VPC, the VPC from the host project needs to be attached to the newly created project.
  • When creating a VPC and subnets, there is an option to create subnets in a custom or automatic mode. Cloudera recommends using the custom mode.

For instructions on how to create and manage VPC networks and subnets in GCP, refer to Using VPC networks in Google documentation.