Using the CDP SDK for Java

You must download the SDK Jar file, set up your access key, create your application, and run the CDP SDK sample applications.

To use the CDP SDK for Java, complete the following steps:

  1. Download the latest version of the CDP SDK jar files from the CDP SDK repository.
  2. Set up your API access credentials. CDP uses an access key to manage access to CDP services through the CDP API. You must set up the API credentials for your application.
    • Use the Management Console to generate an access key. You must be a CDP administrator or have the IAM User role to generate an API access key.
      • If you are a CDP administrator, you can generate an access key for a user or machine user account. For more information, see Generating an API access key (for a long-lived API access key) or Logging into the CDP CLI/SDK (for a shorter-lived access key.
      • If you are a user with the IAM User role, you can generate an access key for your own user account.
    • You can set up the API access key for your application in one of the following ways:
  3. Create your application.
  4. View or run the CDP SDK sample applications to understand how to use the CDP API to access CDP services.