Download and Install the Cloudera Data Science Workbench CSD

Provides instructions to download and install the Cloudera Data Science Workbench CSD.

  1. Download the Cloudera Data Science Workbench CSD. Make sure you download the CSD that corresponds to the version of CDH or Cloudera Runtime you are using.
    See CDSW Download Information for the download urls.
  2. Log on to the Cloudera Manager Server host, and place the CSD file under /opt/cloudera/csd, which is the default location for CSD files. To configure a custom location for CSD files, refer to the Cloudera Manager documentation at Configuring the Location of Custom Service Descriptor Files.
  3. Set the file ownership to cloudera-scm:cloudera-scm with permission 644.
    Set the file ownership.
    chown cloudera-scm:cloudera-scm CLOUDERA_DATA_SCIENCE_WORKBENCH-CDH<X>-1.10.2<Y>.jar
    CDP Data Center
    chown cloudera-scm:cloudera-scm CLOUDERA_DATA_SCIENCE_WORKBENCH-CDPDC-1.10.2<Y>.jar
  4. Set the file permissions.
    chmod 644 CLOUDERA_DATA_SCIENCE_WORKBENCH-CDH<X>-1.10.2<Y>.jar
    CDP Data Center
  5. Restart the Cloudera Manager Server:
    service cloudera-scm-server restart
  6. Log into the Cloudera Manager Admin Console and restart the Cloudera Management Service:
    1. Select Clusters > Cloudera Management Service.
    2. Select Actions > Restart.