Adding New Users

As a Site Administrator, you can invite or add new users.

  1. To invite new users, navigate to the Admin > Users tab.
  2. Under Invitations, enter the name or email ID of the person you want to invite and click Invite.
    The tab will show you a list of all outstanding invitations. Once an invitation has been accepted, the record will no longer show up on this page. The Users tab also displays a list of users of the application.
  3. Click on a username to see more details about the user.
  4. If you want new users to join by invitation only, go to the Admin > Settings tab and check the Require invitation to sign up checkbox to require invitation tokens for account creation.
    By default, invitations are sent from noreply@your-cdsw-domain. To modify this default, see Cloudera Data Science Workbench Email Notifications.