Create HDFS User Directories

To run workloads that leverage HDP cluster services, make sure that HDFS directories (/user/<username> ) are created for each user so that they can seamlessly connect to HDP from Cloudera Data Science Workbench.

Perform the following steps for each user directory that must be created.
  1. SSH to a host in the cluster that includes the HDFS client.
  2. Switch to the hdfs system account user:
    su - hdfs
  3. Create an HDFS directory for the user. For example, you would create the following directory for the default user admin:
    hdfs dfs -mkdir /user/admin
  4. Assign ownership of the new directory to the user. For example, fo rthe new /user/admin directory, make the admin user the owner of the directory:
    hdfs dfs -chown admin:hadoop /user/admin