Disabling the share option in Hue

Hue allows you to share documents, queries, and workflows with other users, either for viewing only or viewing and modifying in any Hue instances across all Virtual Warehouses within a Database Catalog. Sharing is enabled by default in the Hue UI. For added privacy and control, you can disable sharing by setting the enable_sharing property to false in the hue-safety-valve.

The sharing option is always available to the admin users. To disable the share option:
  1. Log in to the Data Warehouse service as an administrator.
  2. Go to the Virtual Warehouses > Edit > CONFIGURATIONS > Hue and select hue-safety-valve from the Configuration files drop-down list.
  3. Add the following lines in the hue-safety-valve:
  4. Click APPLY.
  5. Restart the Virtual Warehouse.