Configuring metastore location and HTTP mode

In addition to the database properties you need to set in CDP Private Cloud Base, you must configure the metastore URI property. This property defines one or more metastore locations.

  • The following components are running:
    • HiveServer
    • Hive Metastore
    • A database for the metastore, such as the default MySQL Server
    • Hive clients
  • Minimum Required Role: Configurator (also provided by Cluster Administrator, Full Administrator)
  1. In Clusters > Hive Metastore > Configuration, search for hive-site.xml.
  2. In the Hive Metastore Server Advanced Configuration Safety Valve, which you use to change properties in hive-site.xml, click + and add the hive.metastore.uris property using the following syntax: thrift://<n.n.n.n>:9083
    Substitute for <n.n.n.n> an IP address or fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the metastore host.
    Only the Hive Metastore Server Default Group in hive-site.xml should define this property.