Setting up a JDBC URL connection override

You can configure fine-grained tuning of the HMS database connection. You specify a JDBC URL override, which depends on your database, for establishing a connection to the Hive metastore database.

This task is intended for advanced database users only. When using this override, the following properties are overwritten
  • Hive Metastore Database Name
  • Hive Metastore Database Host
  • Hive Metastore Database Port
  • Enable TLS/SSL to the Hive Metastore Database
  • The required default user role is Configurator.
  • You know the values for setting the following properties:
    • Hive Metastore Database Type
    • Hive Metastore Database User
    • Hive Metastore Database Password
  1. Set the value of the Hive Metastore Database JDBC URL Override property according to your cluster configuration.
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Oracle JDBC Thin using a Service Name
    • Oracle JDBC Thin using SID
    • Oracle JDBC Thin using TNSName
  2. Click Save.
  3. Click Actions > Deploy Client Configuration.
  4. Restart Hive Metastore.