Hue configurations in Cloudera Data Warehouse

You can customize the settings for Hue at a Vitrual Warehouse level by specifying the configurations in the hue-safety-valve field in the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) UI.

The following table lists the safety valve parameters supported by Hue in Cloudera Data Warehouse:
Parameter Description
Used to activate and enable switching between Hive and HPL/SQL interpreters for your queries.
Used to add or remove applications, such as the File Browser, Impala, Hive, Oozie, and so on from the blocked list of applications.
Used to configure the duration of a user session. The ttl property determines the length of time that the cookie with the user's session ID lives before expiring. After the ttl setting is reached, the user's session expires whether it is active or not.

The default setting for ttl is 1,209,600 seconds, which equals two weeks.


Used to display the Queries tab for Hive and Impala on the Job Browser page. This configuration is enabled by default and is not exposed in the Hue safety valve.

However, to hide the Queries tab, you can override the configuration by adding the following lines in Virtual Warehosue > > Edit > CONFIGURATIONS > Hue > hue-safety-valve:

To enable the Queries tab, set is_enabled to true.