Setting the cache timeout

Enable Hue UI caching by setting a timeout value in milliseconds. The default is 10 days or 864000000 milliseconds. Set the timeout to 0 to disable caching.

When you browse tables using the left assist panel or run queries, Hue caches this information for fetching information faster and query autocompletion. You can configure the time for which you want to Hue to cache this information by setting the value of the cacheable_ttl property under the [desktop][[custom]] section in the hue_safety_valve configuration property in Cloudera Data Warehouse.
  1. Log in to the Data Warehouse service as an administrator.
  2. Go to the Virtual Warehouses > > Edit > CONFIGURATIONS > Hue and select hue-safety-valve from the Configuration files dropdown menu.
  3. Add the following parameters with the cache timeout value to the hue_safety_valve configuration parameter:

    For example, the following configuration sets the cache timeout to the default value of 86400000 milliseconds:

  4. Click APPLY.
  5. Restart the Virtual Warehouse.