Enable EC Replication

You can enable EC replication configuration cluster wide or at the bucket level or at file levels. The details of which can be found here.

Verify the created keys

You can use the following Ozone subcommand to verify that the keys in the bucket are erasure coded.

ozone sh key ls s3v/ecbucket

The resulting key description should contain a similar attribute:

"replicationConfig" : {
"data" : 3,
"parity" : 2,
"ecChunkSize" : 1048576,
"codec" : "RS",
"replicationType" : "EC",
"requiredNodes" : 5

Set up EC policies

Once you have set up the EC replication configuration at your desired level, you can set up supported EC policies, using the Ozone EC subcommands, for a new directory or an already existing directory. If you want to use EC for existing data, set up an EC policy for the already existing directory and then copy the data to the directory using the distcp tool or Cloudera Manager's Backup and Disaster Recovery process.