Setting up JdbcStorageHandler for Postgres

If you use Enterprise PostgreSQL as the backend HMS database, you need to put the JdbcStorageHandler JAR in a central place.

The Postgres Enterprise server comes with its own JDBC driver. The driver file is installed in the Hive lib directory. When you run a query as a YARN application, the Class not found exception is thrown on worker nodes. The YARN container cannot include the jar file in the classpath unless you place the JAR in a central location.

Place the JAR in aux jars or provide the path to aux jars.

  1. In CDP Private Cloud Base, click Cloudera Manager > Clusters and select the Hive service, for example, HIVE.
  2. Click Configuration and search for Hive Auxiliary JARs Directory.
  3. Specify a directory value for the Hive Aux JARs property if necessary, or make a note of the path.
  4. Upload the JAR to the specified directory on all HiveServer instances.