Configuring compaction health monitoring

As an administrator, you can use Cloudera Manager to enable or disable compaction health tests for the Hive Metastore (HMS) and HiveServer (HS2) services, configure how those health tests factor into the overall health of the service, and modify thresholds for the status of certain health tests.

You can configure HMS and HS2 compaction properties that are exposed in Cloudera Manager by searching for the property. Occasionally, you might add a property to hive-site.xml or core-site.xml using the Hive Service Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve).
  1. In Cloudera Manager, click Clusters > Hive > Configuration to navigate to the configuration page for HMS.
  2. Search for Hive Compaction Health Test, enable the property, and save the changes.
  3. Enable the Hive Compaction Health Test property for the HS2 service by going to Clusters > Hive on Tez > Configuration.
  4. To configure the Health Check thresholds, go to Clusters > Hive > Configuration.
  5. Select the Category > Monitoring filter.
  6. Modify the warning and critical (error) threshold values for the required compaction-related thresholds and save the changes.
The Health Tests panel of HMS and HS2 service displays the compaction health test results, typically with specific metrics that the test returned.