Creating a temporary table

In CDP Private Cloud Base, you can create a temporary table to improve performance by storing data temporarily for intermediate use, or reuse, by a complex query.

Temporary table data persists only during the current Apache Hive session. Hive drops the table at the end of the session. If you use the name of a permanent table to create the temporary table, the permanent table is inaccessible during the session unless you drop or rename the temporary table. You can create a temporary table having the same name as another user's temporary table because user sessions are independent. Temporary tables do not support partitioned columns and indexes.

CDP Private Cloud Base only

  1. Create a temporary table having one string column.
    CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE tmp1 (tname varchar(64));
  2. Create a temporary table using the CREATE TABLE AS SELECT (CTAS) statement.
    CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE tmp2 AS SELECT c2, c3, c4 FROM mytable;
  3. Create a temporary table using the CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE LIKE statement.