Iceberg table properties

Cloudera Data Warehouse sets up the environment for querying tables from Hive by overriding some Iceberg table properties. You learn which table properties are supported for querying tables from Impala.

In the Hive Virtual Warehouse, the following Iceberg table property overrides are in effect:
  • overrides
  • is overridden.
The Impala Virtual Warehouse supports the following subset of Iceberg table properties:
  • write.format.default

    Valid value: Parquet

  • write.parquet.compression-codec

    Valid values: GZIP, LZ4, NONE, SNAPPY (default value), ZSTD

  • write.parquet.compression-level

    Valid values: 1 - 22. Default = 3

  • write.parquet.row-group-size-bytes

    Valid values: 8388608 (or 8 MB) - 2146435072 (or 2047MB). Overiden by PARQUET_FILE_SIZE.


    Valid values: 65536 (or 64KB) - 1073741824 (or 1GB).

  • write.parquet.dict-size-bytes

    Valid values: 65536 (or 64KB) - 1073741824 (or 1GB)

For more information about Iceberg table properties, see Apache Iceberg documentation.