Configuring the DAS Event Processor scan frequency

You can configure the frequency at which the Data Analytics Studio (DAS) Event Processor fetches the data from a Hadoop Compatible File System by setting the time in milliseconds (ms) in the “scan.folder.delay.millis” property in the Database Catalog configurations.

By default, the value of the “scan.folder.delay.millis” property is 2000 ms. For a faster data refresh rate, you can set this value to less than 2000 ms. But this can result in higher storage read costs. However, if you want stronger performance, and a higher refresh rate is not a priority, then you can set it to a higher value to reduce storage read costs.

  1. Sign in to the Cloudera Data Warehouse service.
  2. Go to Database Catalog > Edit > CONFIGURATIONS > Das event processor and select das-event-processor.json from the Configuration files drop-down menu.
  3. Change the value of the “scan.folder.delay.millis” property under the “event-processing” section.
  4. Click Apply.