Deploying Edge Flow Manager Cluster

The Edge Flow Manager (EFM) server component of CEM supports clustered deployments for horizontal scalability and high availability.

An EFM cluster deployment requires the following:
  • Three or more EFM nodes

    Two-node clusters are not supported.

  • A shared and external EFM database (MySQL or PostgreSQL)
  • An EFM load balancer for Web UI users

    You can use any load balancer of your choice, provided it can proxy HTTP(s) traffic and can be configured as described in this document.

  • MiNiFi agents that forward client requests to one of the EFM cluster nodes

In addition to communicating with the external, centralized, and shared EFM database, EFM cluster members also communicate with each other to establish ephemeral state, such as distributed locks and caches, within the cluster. Due to this, each EFM node must have network connectivity to every other EFM cluster member.