What's new in Cloudera Edge Management

Cloudera Edge Management (CEM) is a solution that enables you to manage, control, and monitor agents that are deployed on the edge devices in IoT implementations. You can use these agents to collect real-time data originating from the devices to create and push actionable intelligence and insights to the place of data origin.

Cloudera Edge Management 1.2.2 is a maintenance release that contains performance improvements, bug fixes, and new features including:
  • NiFi Registry is upgraded to 0.7.0
  • Improvements to the EFM REST APIs for monitoring MiNiFi agents.
    • GET /efm/api/monitor/... endpoints now return a list of missing agent ids
    • GET /efm/api/agents endpoints now include up-to-date lastSeenTimestamp
    • GET /efm/api/agents endpoints now allow filtering by agent class, agent state, manifest id, and flowId
    • See Swagger UI at /efm/swagger/ for full REST API Documentation
  • Stability improvements when running multiple EFM instances as a cluster.
  • Performance improvements for EFM in processing heartbeats from many agents.
  • Bug fixes in the MiNiFi Java MSI and EFM.

    For more information, see Fixed issues.