MiNiFi C++ agent processor support

Learn the processors which MiNiFi C++ agent supports.

The majority are supported processors, while some are community driven. Community driven processors are available for your use, but we do not recommend that you use them in production environments.

Processors Supported/Unsupported Supported on Windows Included in the default CEM Windows build
AppendHostInfo Supported Yes (hostname only) Yes
ApplyTemplate Supported No No
BinFiles Supported Yes Yes
CapturePacket Supported No No
CaptureRTSPFrame Unsupported No No
CompressContent Supported Yes Yes
ConsumeJournald Supported No No
ConsumeMQTT Supported No No
ConsumeWindowsEventLog Supported (only on Windows) Yes Yes
ConvertHeartBeat Supported No No
ConvertJSONAck Supported No No
ConvertUpdate Supported No No
ExecuteProcess Supported No No
ExecutePythonProcessor Unsupported No No
ExecuteSQL Supported Yes No
ExecuteScript Supported No No
ExtractText Supported Yes Yes
FetchOPC Supported Yes No
FetchSFTP Supported Yes No
FocusArchiveEntry Supported Yes Yes
GenerateFlowFile Supported Yes Yes
GetFile Supported Yes Yes
GetGPS Unsupported No No
GetTCP Supported No Yes
GetUSBCamera Unsupported No No
HashContent Supported Yes Yes
InvokeHTTP Supported Yes Yes
ListSFTP Supported Yes No
ListenHTTP Supported Yes Yes
ListenSyslog Supported No No
LogAttribute Supported Yes Yes
ManipulateArchive Supported Yes Yes
MergeContent Supported Yes Yes
PerformanceDataMonitor Supported (only on Windows) Yes Yes
PublishKafka Supported Yes Yes
PublishMQTT Supported No No
PutFile Supported Yes Yes
PutOPC Supported Yes No
PutSFTP Supported Yes No
PutSQL Supported Yes No
QueryDatabaseTable Supported Yes No
RetryFlowFile Supported Yes Yes
RouteOnAttribute Supported Yes Yes
TailFile Supported Yes Yes
TFApplyGraph Unsupported No No
TFConvertImageToTensor Unsupported No No
TFExtractTopLabels Unsupported No No
UnfocusArchiveEntry Supported Yes Yes
UpdateAttribute Supported Yes Yes