Configure your MiNiFi agents

After you install the MiNiFi agent, you need to update the configuration files.

If you are configuring a MiNiFi Java agent the configuration file is conf/bootstrap.conf. If you are configuring a MiNiFi C++ agent, the file is conf/ For more information on MiNiFi C++ agent system propties, see MiNiFi C++ system properties.

  1. From the MiNiFi home directory, open the appropriate configuration file.
  2. Configure the Agent Class so that you can logically group MiNiFi instances according to their functionality. Specify the agent class:
  3. Configure the Agent ID. If you do not specify an Agent ID, MiNiFi generates a unique ID per agent instance.
  4. Set the nifi.c2.enable property to true to inform MiNiFi that run time flow instructions will be received from EFM.
  5. Configure your EFM Server endpoint:{EFM_SERVER_IP}:10090/efm/api/c2-protocol/heartbeat{EFM_SERVER_IP}:10090/efm/api/c2-protocol/acknowledge
  6. Configure your heartbeat interval:
  7. If you are installing a MiNiFi C++ Agent, you may also configure metrics. Metrics are not yet available for the MiNiFi Java Agent.

    For supported processors for MiNiFi Java and MiNiFi C++, see MiNiFi Java agent processor support and MiNiFi C++ Agent processor support.