Configuring C2 properties for MiNiFi Java

After you install the MiNiFi Java agent, update the configuration file.

The configuration file for MiNiFi Java is conf/bootstrap.conf.

  1. From the MiNiFi home directory, open the bootstrap.conf file.
  2. Configure the Agent Class so that you can logically group MiNiFi instances according to their functionality. Specify the agent class:
  3. Configure the Agent ID. If you do not specify an Agent ID, MiNiFi generates a unique ID per agent instance.
  4. Configure your EFM Server endpoint:{EFM_SERVER_IP}:10090/efm/api/c2-protocol/heartbeat{EFM_SERVER_IP}:10090/efm/api/c2-protocol/acknowledge
  5. Configure the heartbeat interval: