Setting up your MiNiFi dataflow

You can set up your MiNiFi dataflow using the Cloudera Edge Management (CEM) UI. To create a simple dataflow, you need to add processors, configure the processor properties, connect the processors, and publish the dataflow.

  1. Drag the GenerateFlowFile and PublishKafka processors to the canvas and connect them.
    The dataflow appears on the canvas as shown in the following image:

  2. Configure the GenerateFlowFile processor and click Apply to apply the changes.
  3. Configure the PublishKafka processor and click Apply to apply the changes.
    You need to set the following properties in the PublishKafka processor to enable SSL:
    • Security CA
    • Security Cert
    • Security Pass Phrase
    • Security Private Key
    • Security Protocol - Set it to ssl
    Apart from the above properties, you need to set the Known Brokers and Topic Name properties.
  4. Publish the flow by selecting Publish from the ACTIONS drop-down.