MiNiFi Java agent updates

MiNiFi Java agents has periodic software updates made available independent of the EFM releases.

This section lists major features and updates for the independent CEM MiNiFi Java Agent release.

October 12, 2022

CEM MiNiFi Java Agent - 1.22.10 release includes:
  • Lightweight heartbeat support

    This reduces the payload size of the heartbeat and the agent sends the full agent manifest only if a change is detected. The functionality can be enabled with the c2.full.heartbeat=false property in the bootstrap.conf file.

  • Debug support through C2 protocol

    Debug bundles can be requested from EFM Agent Manager for the given agent. For more details, see Debug agent in CEM.

  • GZip C2 Requests

    Using GZipped requests can be beneficial to prevent network saturation. To enable it, set the c2.request.compression=gzip property in the bootstrap.conf file.

  • Docker images released for multiple platforms (x86, ARM)
  • The following issues are fixed:
    • Missing required controller services for several processors
    • Fixed agent information values when running agent on Windows

July 28, 2022

CEM MiNiFi Java Agent - 1.22.07 release includes:
  • Initial release of the new MiNiFi Java agent based on the latest version of NiFi (1.16.3).
  • Includes Heartbeat and Update/Configuration support over the C2 protocol.