Before you begin MiNiFi agent installation on Windows

You must go through the prerequisites before you begin installation of MiNiFi agent on Windows.


Apache NiFi MiNiFi C++ is built on Window Server 2016, 2019, and Windows 10 operating systems. Since the project is CMake focused, Cloudera recommends building the Microsoft Installer (MSI) or Windows Installer through the ms_build.bat script. In order to build the MSI, please install the WiX Toolset.

The project previously required OpenSSL to be installed. If you follow Cloudera build procedures, you do not need to install that dependency. Further, any MSI distributable requires that systems install the Visual Studio 2010 redistributables.

Building through the build script

The preferred way of building the project is through the win_build_vs.bat script found in the root source folder.

You must supply a single command, the build directory. Typically you create a directory with CMake and build the MSI in that directory referencing your CMake tree. Simply supply the win_build_vs.bat an argument like build as the name of your build directory and it will create this directory building the project within it. Alternatively, you can use the win_build_vs.bat build /K /T /P command to build Kafka, skip tests, and build the CMake at the same time.

If WiX Toolset is installed, cpack creates your MSI in the chosen build directory.

You can also build a 64 bit MSI by adding the /64option. To do so, you require the 64-bit version of the Visual Studio redistributables mentioned in system requirements.