Download the MiNiFi C++ agent image

Learn how to deploy the MiNiFi C++ agent in a container. To do so, you need to retrieve the container image.

Deploying the MiNiFi C++ agent in a container is a very common use case, especially when deploying applications on Kubernetes. In such a situation, you may want to deploy the agent as a sidecar pod to collect logs, metrics, and so on. Having the agent registered to EFM is very powerful as you can change the data being collected and processed by the agent in the pods while the application is up and running.

If using Docker, you can retrieve the container image by the following command:
 % docker login -u *** -p ***
  Login Succeeded
You can then retrieve the latest version of the container using:
 % docker pull
  latest: Pulling from cloudera/apacheminificpp
  801bfaa63ef2: Pull complete 
  d90265e0d39e: Pull complete 
  c5a0aa313d04: Pull complete 
  ba189417f08f: Pull complete 
  4f4fb700ef54: Pull complete 
  Digest: sha256:aa253aa57ab3c6370ae321f41e61b45425d00ada7fe1e865fd665356c064e53c
  Status: Downloaded newer image for

The container image is about 60 MB in size.