Use the container in standalone mode

Learn how to use the docker container in standalone mode.

The docker container can be used in standalone mode by providing the configuration files as a mounted volume. One option is to mount the configuration directory in the following way:
 % docker run -d -v /home/user/minifi-config:/opt/minifi/minifi-current/conf/ 
The other option is to only mount the specific configuration files directly:
 % docker run -d -v /home/user/minifi-config/config.yml:/opt/minifi/minifi-current/conf/config.yml -v /home/user/minifi-config/ -v /home/user/minifi-config/ 
If the containerized MiNiFi instance is connected to an EFM instance through secure connection, you should also provide the certificates for the container. In case these certificates are found in the certs directory under the /home/user directory, you can mount it in the following way:
% docker run -d -v /home/user/minifi-config:/opt/minifi/minifi-current/conf/ -v /home/user/certs:/certs 
In this case, you have to define the following properties in the file to configure the certificates: