Configuring persistence

Specify storage size and class globally, or for individual repositories.

This section specifies the storage to be used for the NiFi repositories. You can define storage globally, or have overrides for specific repositories. In case of OpenShift, the storage classes have to be specified at the OpenShift level to match the IOPS expectations for your NiFi workloads.

The CFM Operator can configure persistent disk storage for the following directories:

  • state

  • data

  • FlowFile Repository

  • Content Repository

  • Provenance Repository

In the persistence spec, you can define a default size and StorageClass which applies to each of the directories. The spec can be further configured to define specific sizes and StorageClasses for each directory, if necessary.

    size: [***SIZE IN GIGABITES***]
    storageClass: [***STORAGE CLASS***]
      size: [***SIZE IN GIGABITES***]
      storageClass: [***STORAGE CLASS***]
      size: [***SIZE IN GIGABITES***]
      size: [***SIZE IN GIGABITES***]