NifiStatus defines the observed state of NiFi.

replicas int32

replicas defines the current quantity of NiFi pods.

lastCleanedPodOrdinal int32 (Optional)

LastCleanedPodOrdinal is the pod ordinal of last cleaned NiFi node. Used in downscaling: PersistentVolumeClaim, PersistentVolume and Certificate will be deleted, if the pod has already been deleted. Before the first scaling operation, this attribute is hidden. In normal case, LastCleanedPodOrdinal = Replicas. During downscaling, LastCleanedPodOrdinal > Replicas, until all pods are cleaned up.

selector string (Optional)

selector is used by Horizontal Pod Autoscaling to match.

conditions []Kubernetes meta/v1.Condition

conditions are a list of conditions defined by the operator.

statefulsetUpdateRevision string

statefulsetUpdateRevision holds the last observed updateRevision of the underlying statefulSet resource.

minOffloadOrdinal int32 (Optional)

minOffloadOrdinal is the lower boundary of the pod ordinal whose data needs to be offloaded during a downscaling.