NifiKerberosSpec contains configuration for Kerberized environments.

realm string

realm is the Kerberos realm (for example: EXAMPLE.COM)

kdc string

KDC is the Key Distribution Center address

spnegoPrincipal string

SPNEGOPrincipal is the service principal used for SPNEGO access

spnegoKeytabName string

SPNEGOKeytabName is the keytab name for the SPNEGO service principal, for example, http.keytab.

authExpiration string (Optional)

authExpiration is the duration of how long the user authentication is valid for. Even if the user never logs out, they will be required to log back in following this duration.

servicePrincipal string

servicePrincipal is the kerberos service principal.

servicePrincipalKeytabName string

servicePrincipalKeytabName is the keytab location for the service principal’s keytab.