NifiRegistrySpec defines the desired state of NiFi Registry.

nifiVersion string

Version of NiFi Registry to create a cluster for. Must have full pattern of Major.Minor.Patch. For example: 1.2.3, or 2.1.1

image ImageSpec

Image for the NiFi Registry container.

tiniImage ImageSpec

Tini image for sidecars / init containers.

persistence NifiRegistryPersistenceSpec (Optional)

Configures persistence for NiFi Registry.

statefulset StatefulsetSpec (Optional)

Statefulset parameters for the underlying NiFi statefulset.

configOverride NifiRegistryConfigurationSpec (Optional)

Configuration overrides

resources NifiRegistryResourceSpec (Optional)

Specifies container limits by containers.

security NifiRegistrySecuritySpec (Optional)

security specifies the security related configurations (HTTPS, LDAP, Kerberos…)

debug JVMDebugSpec (Optional)

debug specifies the details for JVM remote debugging.

proxyAccessNamespaces []ProxyAccessSpec (Optional)

proxyAccessNamespaces specifies a list where NiFi Registry will look for NiFi custom resources to provide ‘Can proxy user requests’ access.

proxyConfig ProxyConfigSpec (Optional)

proxyConfig contains details about a reverse proxy in front of the ingress controller. When set, it is used in the ingress object to set ‘X-Proxy(Scheme|Host|Port)’ headers, which are used by NiFi Registry to construct URIs which work properly with the proxy. For more information, see Proxy Configuration in NiFi System Administrator's Guide.

hostName string (Optional)

hostName specifies the host name with which NiFi Registry is reachable. The host name appears in the “spec.rules[].host” field of ingress configuration. When omitted, any arbitrary host header is feasible, for example IP address. The host name has to match the ingress certificate in case manual ingress certificate is set. hostName is required for “host named based virtual access” mode, but can be omitted in “fanout” mode (see IngressAccessType property).

uiConnection Connection (Optional)

uiConnection configures the Ingress, Route, or Service used for accessing NiFi Registry’s WebUI.