Predefined controller-level policies for NiFi Registry

You can review the predefined Ranger policies for NiFi Registry to determine the appropriate policy to assign to a user.

The following table lists the pre-defined Ranger access policies for NiFi Registry. If you create a custom policy, refer to the Resource Descriptor column in this table to enter the value in the NiFi Registry Resource Identifier field on the New Policy page.
Ranger controller-level policy Description Resource descriptor
Actuator Allows users to access the Spring Boot Actuator end-points. /actuator
Buckets Allows users to view and modify all buckets. /buckets
Policies Allows users to view the policies for all components. /policies
Proxies Allows NiFi Registry and Knox hosts to proxy user requests. Does not apply to users or user groups. /proxy
Swagger Allows users to access the self-hosted Swagger UI. /swagger
Tenants Allows users to view and modify user accounts and user groups. /tenants