Migrating LDAP authentication configuration

If your NiFi used LDAP authentication in HDF cluster, you need to migrate the settings manually.

  1. Collect all necessary configuration for LDAP login provider.
    For that, you can check the old cluster configuration file or check the configuration in the Ambari UI:
    cat /usr/hdf/current/nifi/conf/login-identity-providers.xml
  2. Configure the NiFi-LDAP properties in the Cloudera Manager UI:

  3. Set the nifi.security.user.login.identity.provider configuration value to ldap-provider.
  4. Set the nifi.ldap.enabled configuration value to true.
  5. Configure the value of the nifi.initial.admin.identity property.
  6. Remove the new cluster NiFi users.xml and authorizations.xml files for NiFi to generate these XML files with proper values.
    The default path for these files is /var/lib/nifi/users.xml and /var/lib/nifi/authorizations.xml.