Clearing activity and shutting down source services

Before continuing the upgrade process by migrating NiFi and NiFi Registry data, you need to clear the activity and shut down your source cluster NiFi and NiFi Registry services.

  • You have preserved your source cluster files and directories.
  • You have installed and verified CFM 2.1.5.
  1. In the source NiFi cluster, stop all the source processors to prevent the ingestion of new data.
  2. Confirm that there is no active data in any of the queues by monitoring the left side of the NiFi status bar. When all active data has stopped, the status bar shows 0 FlowFiles and 0 bytes of data:
  3. Shut down the source NiFi service.
  4. Shut down the source NiFi Registry service.

When you have finished shutting down your source services, follow the steps to migrate the NiFi data directories.