Commit local changes

Learn how you can manage local changes made to your versioned data flow in NiFi.

When you make changes in a data flow, the changes are local at first. If you want these changes to be saved as a separate flow version, you have to commit these changes to the NiFi Registry.

If you make changes to a versioned process group, the green checkmark icon changes to a grey asterisk because of the uncommitted local edits.

  1. Right-click the process group or the canvas in the workflow window and choose Version.

    The context menu shows that you can save, review, or revert your changes.

    • Select Commit local changes if you want to save the changes as a new version of the data flow.

    • Select Show local changes if you want to see the details of the edits.

    • Select Revert local changes if you want to discard the edits.

  2. Select Commit local changes.

    The Save Flow Version pop-up window appears, where you can add comments to the version to be saved.

  3. Click Save.