Customizing properties in Cloudera Manager

You can customize NiFi and NiFi Registry beyond what the customization page in Cloudera Manager allows. To make any changes, use the dot notation to represent the actual schema for a given property file.

The following steps show how to enhance or overwrite xml based properties in Cloudera Manager using dot notation.

Use the following structure:
  • <properties-type> for NiFi can be authorizers and loginIdentityProviders
  • <properties-type> for NiFi Registry can be authorizers and identityProviders.
The following property key/value example creates a user group provider entry into the authorizers file for NiFi:
Name: xml.authorizers.userGroupProvider.file-user-group-provider.class
Value: org.apache.nifi.authorization.FileUserGroupProvider

Name: User Identity 2 
Value: CN=localhost, OU=NIFI
This translates to the following entry in the generated authorizers.xml file:
        <property name="Initial User Identity 2">CN=localhost, OU=NIFI</property>

Properties names that have spaces are supported and do not need to be escaped.

For an example, see Pairing LDAP with a Composite Group Provider.