Using a domain user for NiFi Windows Service

When you are using a domain user for your NiFi Windows service, you must set and configure the appropriate permissions, Install and set up the ActiveDirectory PowerShell module, and configure the appropriate user name and password in the CFM NiFi setup window.

  • The computer must be part of the domain.

  • The specified user must exist in the domain, and a correct password must be provided.

  • ActiveDirectory PowerShell module must be available.

  1. In the Group Policy Management Editor, set your permissions to Log on as a service.
  2. Navigate to a machine on which NiFi is installed and enter the following command:

    The gpupdate command is a machine-wide command and can be executed from any directory on the NiFi machine.

  3. Install the ActiveDirectory PowerShell module by entering the following in the PowerShell console:
    Add-WindowsFeature RSAT-AD-PowerShell
  4. In the CFM NiFi setup window, uncheck the Local User checkbox and click Install.

After installation, you can update Java options at nifi-install-dir\conf\bootstrap.conf file. Repository locations are at nifi-install-dir\conf\ file.