Downloading Custom Service Descriptor files

A Custom Service Descriptor (CSD) file contains configuration information needed to describe and manage a new service. Download the CSDs for each Cloudera Flow Management (CFM) Service, specify ownership and permissions, and then restart the Cloudera Manager Server.

You have installed the CFM parcel from the repository.
  1. Download the CSDs for NiFi and NiFi Registry and put them into /opt/cloudera/csd.
    You can download the files from the CFM repository. See Download Locations.
  2. Change the CSD owner. In opt/cloudera/csd, enter:
    chown cloudera-scm:cloudera-scm ./*
    chmod 644 ./*
  3. Restart the Cloudera Manager Server.
    sudo service cloudera-scm-server restart
  4. Restart the Cloudera Management Service.
    On the Cloudera Manager Status tab, select Restart from the Cloudera Management Service drop-down.

When you have finished adding the CSD files, you have completed your CDP Private Cloud Base installation. You can now proceed with installing, securing, and configuring CFM.

You can install NiFi and NiFi Registry on the Base cluster, on a Compute cluster, or as a hybrid setup. To decide which option is best for you, see CFM installation workflow. For the installation steps, see Installing NiFi and NiFi Registry on your Base cluster, Installing NiFi and NiFi Registry on a Compute cluster, or Installing NiFi on a Compute cluster and NiFi Registry on a Base cluster respectively.