Using the Actions menu

You can manage the NiFi service in Cloudera Manager on CDP Private Cloud Base using the Actions menu available on the service page. This menu provides a list of commands relevant to the role type you are viewing. These commands typically include stopping, starting, or restarting the instance, and may include additional commands depending on your role.

Follow these steps to access the Actions menu.

  1. From Cloudera Manager, click the Clusters tab in the left-hand navigation.
  2. Click NiFi in the list of services to display the NiFi service page.
  3. Click the Actions drop-down next to the service name.

    The following commands are available:

    This action starts the NiFi service.
    This action runs two other actions, ‘Stop NiFi’ and ‘Start NiFi’, one after another.
    Rolling Restart
    This action consists of three actions, and it runs a specific restart of the NiFi service. The Rolling restart action first runs ‘Stop NiFi’, then it runs ‘Start NiFi’, and finally it runs ‘NifiNodeWaitUntilHealthy’. The goal of the last action is to wait until the NiFi service is started and works correctly. It is needed in the rolling restart because the ‘Start NiFi’ action just runs the start NiFi service command and does not wait until the NiFi service actually starts and also does not check if the service works correctly.
    Migrate File-based Authorizations to Ranger
    This action migrates policies from authorizations.xml to Ranger. For more information, see Migrating NiFi File-Based authorization to Ranger.
    Create required NiFi objects
    This action calls the script, which is used to create NiFi objects like: ReportLineageToAtlas, StandardRestrictedSSLContextService, or MonitorDiskUsage. This script also adds component policies to Ranger, which are described in the ranger-component-policies.xml file. The action is automatically executed after the first NiFi start. If needed, you can rerun it later manually.
    Remove Ranger repository
    This action removes the related NiFi repository/service from Ranger.
    Reset File-based Authorizer Users and Policies
    This action automatically removes the users.xml and authorizations.xml configuration files on each host with NiFi. It also creates backups of these two configurations in the same directory, but with the file names changed (users.xml{current-date}, authorizations.xml{current-date}). This action helps you to regenerate users.xml and authorizations.xml config files on all NiFi hosts.
    Create Marker File
    This action creates the /var/lib/nifi/marker.txt file on a random NiFi host. You need this file to understand exactly which NiFi instance should create a NiFi Ranger repository/service and basic policies during the NiFi start. Without this file, Ranger repository/service is not created and NiFi service fails. The action runs before 'Start NiFI' only during the first NiFi start (after installation).
    Create First Run File
    This action creates the /var/lib/nifi/first_run.txt file on all NiFi hosts. You can use this file to check whether it is the first start of NiFi. For example during the NiFi start process (, it is checked that it is not the first start of NiFi and groups are updated for some policies in the NiFi Ranger repository/service, if needed. After the /var/lib/nifi/first_run.txt file is created, it is removed automatically.
    Run Post Upgrade Changes
    This action runs the script. This script adds the required changes for a new CFM version after an upgrade. It also automatically runs during the first run after an upgrade, if the CFM version has changed.
    Wait until the NiFi Node is healthy
    This action runs the 'nifi_wait_until_healthy' script, and the system waits until the NiFi service is started and works correctly.
    This action stops the NiFi service.