Authentication Methods

The processor is working with HubSpot private applications. A HubSpot private app must be created (see HubSpot Private App Creation) in order to connect to HubSpot and make requests. Private App Access Tokens are the only authentication method that is currently supported.

Incremental Loading

HubSpot objects can be processed incrementally by NiFi. This means that only objects created or modified after the last run time of the processor are processed. The processor state can be reset in the context menu. The incremental loading is based on the objects last modified time.


GetHubSpot supports both paging and incrementality at the same time. In case the number of results exceeds the 'Result Limit', in the next processor run the remaining objects will be returned.

Due to the page handling mechanism of the HubSpot API, parallel deletions are not supported. Some objects may be omitted if any object is deleted between fetching two pages.